Full Moon in Aquarius, August 1st, 2023

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 1st, 2023

On August 1st, 2023, we'll be experiencing the Full Moon in the innovative sign of Aquarius. Also known as the Sturgeon Moon, this lunar event promises to bring about a time of change, enlightenment, and emotional breakthroughs.

Aquarius is known for its intuitive insights, revolutionary thoughts, and a strong drive for societal change. When the Full Moon shines in this sign, it can amplify these traits, nudging us down the path to a more enlightened state.

The Full Moon is always about release, completion, and illumination. It lights up what was once hidden, bringing into focus what needs to be seen clearly. As this Full Moon falls in Aquarius, issues related to freedom, individuality, and community could become especially apparent, requiring us to confront and release any limiting beliefs or patterns.

This lunar event is close to Earth, amplifying its effects and pulling on our emotional tides. It invites us to look closer, delve deeper, and uncover the truths about ourselves and our shared reality. Draw upon the innovative Aquarian energy to explore new ideas, challenge the status quo and usher in changes that can benefit all.

Aquarius Full Moon also encourages us to strengthen our connections with others. It's an excellent time to express compassion, understanding, and empathy - to embrace our shared humanity. Use this time to consider what you as an individual can bring to your community, and how you can promote harmony while also celebrating individuality.

Take note of the revelations that may come during this time, as they can be guiding lights as we traverse our path. Honor your journey, your authentic self, and embrace the freedom that comes with self-awareness and actualization.

A future-oriented sign, Aquarius pushes us to think creatively about what lies ahead. Tap into its vibration during this Full Moon to lay a loving, innovative, and inclusive foundation for the future.

May this Full Moon in Aquarius bring you insightful reflections, profound releases, and radical change.
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