Reiki Infused Crystal Candle

Setting Intentions with Reiki Infused Crystal Candles

1. **Begin with Reflection:** Center your thoughts and reflect on your current desires and what you wish to manifest.

2. **Choose Your Candle:** Select a Reiki Infused Crystal Candle that resonates with your intended purpose or goal.

3. **Create a Sacred Space:** Find a peaceful spot to light your candle, perhaps surrounded by other crystals or in a clean, quiet area.

4. **Clear Your Mind:** Take a few deep breaths, meditate, or simply sit still, creating a calm mental space before you proceed.

5. **Light with Intention:** As you light your candle, visualize your intention. Picture your goals being illuminated and coming to life.

6. **Infuse with Reiki Energy:** Feel the Reiki energy within the candle merging with your intention. Imagine a warm, loving energy enveloping you and your space, enhancing the candle’s power.

7. **Speak or Write Your Intentions:** Verbally express or write down what you wish to achieve. This reinforces your desires into the universe.

8. **Regular Rituals:** Incorporate lighting your candle into your daily or weekly routines to consistently reaffirm your intentions.

9. **End with Gratitude:** Always extinguish your candle with a sense of gratitude for the energy it contributes to your intention setting.

10. **Trust the Process:** Release your intentions into the universe with trust and belief that positive energy will flow where it's needed.

Illuminate your goals with Reiki Infused Crystal Intention candles and embrace the power of your intentions.