Spiritual Benefits Of Burning Sage

Spiritual Benefits Of Burning Sage

The body and the mind - each affects the other. While burning sage can encourage sleep, enhance cognitive thought, and mop up bad bacteria in the air, it also comes with a whole host of spiritual benefits too. The spiritual elements of sage are what has cemented it clearly within cultures that connect with spiritual practices and cleansing rituals. Here we look at a handful of ways in which sage can benefit your soul.

Remove negative energy 

As we now know, sage is truly an air cleanser and ever ready to neutralize positive ions and bad energy. If you feel like the space around you or within you could do with a spiritual spring clean, light up some sage and let it work its magic. Sometimes we can get too caught up in the energy of others or lingering vibes that stay in a room. Sage is an energetic cleanser and should be called upon to do this all-important task. 

Calms anxiety/stress 

Full of gorgeous grounding properties and here to tether you back to the here and now, burning sage can be a beautiful remedy for clearing stress and anxiety. Not only is the scent of sage super relaxing, but the act of burning the sage can help us to direct our energy and set an intention. All of this adds up to less stress which is why rituals can have so much positive power in our lives. Sage can also bring with it themes of wisdom and turning inwards for the answer. Knowing that we have solutions tucked in our hearts can also bring a sense of trust and healing and can reduce any anxiety. 

Cleanses crystals and other energy objects 

As a mega cleanser, sage can also be used in harmony with your other healing objects. For those who call on the power of crystals, wands, worry stones, and any kind of energy object, sage could help keep them cleansed and charged and sparkling in their power. Cleansing crystals is important if you want to keep them working at the top of their game. Sometimes, these healing stones can become full of collected energy and will need a complete discharge and recharge to get them working again. Simply smudging the stone with sage can sweep away that stagnant energy and infuse your gems with high vibrations once more. 

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