Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ave-Maria, and I am a passionate candle maker who infuses the beautiful practices of Reiki energy and crystal healing with my craft. With each and every candle that I create, I strive to bring forth a harmonious blend of intention, energy, and beauty.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am deeply connected to the healing energies that flow through all of us. I believe that by infusing Reiki energy into the candles I create, I can enhance their ability to support individuals on their unique healing journeys. Before starting the candle-making process, I invoke the universal life force energy and channel it into the materials I use, infusing them with love, light, and healing vibrations.

But it doesn't stop there. The power of crystals plays a significant role in my candle making. Crystals have their own unique energies and properties that can amplify intentions and bring about positive transformations. Carefully selecting crystals that resonate with specific intentions, I add them to the candle, allowing their energy to blend with the wax and become an integral part of the candle's essence.

Throughout the creative process, I mindfully set intentions for each candle, infusing them with love, healing, abundance, or any other desired energy. By consciously imbuing the candles with intention and incorporating Reiki energy and crystals, I aim to create products that not only provide a beautiful ambiance but also support well-being on multiple levels.

When it is time to use one of my candles, I encourage individuals to take a moment to connect with the energy both within themselves and within the candle. Lighting the candle becomes a sacred ritual, an opportunity to set intentions, meditate, or simply create a peaceful and healing space. The flickering flame and the gentle glow of the crystals create a soothing atmosphere, providing a sense of tranquility and facilitating a deeper connection to one's inner self.

I feel blessed and grateful to be able to merge my passion for candle making with the transformative practices of Reiki energy and crystal healing. It is my intention that each candle serves as a catalyst for positive change and supports individuals in their own unique healing and growth processes.

So, if you are seeking candles that not only bring beauty and warmth into your space but also carry the healing energies of Reiki and crystals, I invite you to explore the offerings I have lovingly created. Together, let us illuminate your journey towards balance, harmony, and well-being.

You can check out more about my Reiki Practice here www.healingsoftheearth.net