Different Types Of Sage

Different Types Of Sage

California White Sage - California White Sage is one of the most beloved and popular sage types out there. Silvery and sweet, this sage is often used in ceremonies. White Sage is famed for its cleansing energy and can help sweep bad vibes out of a space and mind in no time. 

Lavender Sage - Take a deep breath, because Lavender Sage is here to completely soothe and soften the edges of your mind. Along with the big cleansing energy of sage, the lavender element weaves in gentle joy, rest, and relaxation. This is a great set-up for those looking to unwind and find their way to sweet sleep. 

Blue Sage - Also known as Grandmother Sage, Blue Sage is often used in rituals thanks to its strong ancient wisdom vibes. This kind of sage has deep links with the Native American community and can be used in all kinds of cleansing practices. Blue Sage can also ward off bad vibes and is excellent for energetically cleaning houses. 

Black Sage - Black Sage is full of fragrance. This thick, dark and dreamy type of sage is intrinsically linked with the mountains and can be used for removing unwanted energy. It is also a great smudging tool for those looking to deepen their intuition and find their way to clarity. 

Sweetgrass Sage - Rich and sweet and filled with fragrance, this combo is often used alongside sage to bring sweetness and wilderness to a space. This way we can anchor ourselves back to the earth. 

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