Benefits Of Burning Sage

Benefits Of Burning Sage

There are so many benefits to burning sage which is why it's a practice that has been around for centuries. This salvation plant is primed to elevate your well-being across the board - in everything from your physical health to spiritual wealth. Soothe anxious tendencies, cleanse the air around you, and remove any trace of negativity caught up in your space all by simply burning sage. 

Health benefits

Burning sage is one of the best ways to tap into the healing benefits of this wise old plant. The art of burning sage has long been a well-established ritual in various cultures. Take a look at the potent purifying benefits that come from burning sage. 

Purifying negative ions 

When sage is burned, it is said to release negative ions which can help elevate a space and put people in a good mood. Positive ions can build up around us and can block our electromagnetic fields. This can happen for a number of reasons including arguments, stress, or anything that brings bad vibes. These positive ions can block our energy and lead us to feel sluggish, drained, and just downright fed up. By burning sage, a glut of negative ions can be released which will neutralize the positive charge and leave us resplendent in our own energy once more.

Clears air of bacteria 

Scientists have studied the cleansing elements of sage and found that when this herb is burned, it can clear a staggering 94% of bacteria out of the air. That’s huge. By burning sage, you are quite literally disinfecting the air. For those who want to keep their spaces clean right now, sage is your solution. 

Improves sleep 

Cleansing the air, softening your mood, and slicing through stress - it’s no surprise that burning Sage can be a beautiful bedtime ritual. This silent night herb contains compounds that can activate receptors in the brain, which can reduce signs of stress and pain. If you tend to be kept up at night with toxic thoughts, the churn of the monkey mind, or even aches and pains, burning sage could be just the lullaby you are looking for. 

Brain booster

Sage is also said to be brilliant at encouraging clear cognition and giving your brain a boost. Perhaps that’s because it does such a good job at soaking up all that negative fog and smog around you. When we aren’t clouded by certain thoughts or stress factors, we are better equipped to see clearly. Some promising studies have also shown that sage does have potential cognitive-enhancing properties which may even help in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimers. 

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