Collection: Christmas Candle Collection

Illuminate your holiday season with our Handmade Christmas Candles, exclusively enveloped in artistically crafted concrete vessels, an exquisite blend of simplicity, elegance, and festive magic.

Each one of our candles is meticulously hand-poured with love and patience, giving them their unique, high-quality appeal. The concrete vessels are handcrafted, ensuring every piece carries a touch of individuality. These rustic, yet modern concrete vessels not only bestow a cozy ambiance but also serve the purpose of stunning home decor.

Our candles produce a warm, inviting glow and diffuse a blissful aroma reminiscent of a classic Christmas. Scented with a blend of fragrant spices, citrus fruits, and forest notes, our candles are sure to transport you to a peaceful winter wonderland. Each scent has been carefully curated for the holiday mood - to instil a sense of warmth, joy, and festive cheer.

These candles are made with premium coco-apricot wax ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. Packed in a minimalistic, eco-friendly packaging that goes hand in hand with our sustainable consciousness, these make for the perfect gift to yourself or your loved ones this Christmas.

This isn't just a candle; it's a beautiful vessel that can find its functional role in your home even after the candle life is lived!

Note: Due to the handmade nature of the concrete vessels, each piece may have slight variations in color and texture, adding to its unique charm.

Experience the flicker of tradition, the essence of Christmas, and an heirloom aesthetic with our Handmade Christmas Candles in Concrete Vessels. Holistic, sustainable, and affectionately crafted — light up your festivities, the old-fashioned way!

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