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Blazing Cinnamon 8oz

Blazing Cinnamon 8oz

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Embrace the crisp, inviting aroma of our Blazing Cinnamon fall candle. Expertly concocted to encapsulate the distinct essence of the fall season, we bring together mesmerizing smoky undertones, vivacious cinnamon, and the rich allure of tonka beans to create a sensory experience like no other.

Upon lighting the wick, your senses will be first greeted by the primal aroma of smoky whispers, evoking reminiscent images of autumn bonfires and toasty indoor hearths. Quickly following this welcoming introduction is the iconic scent of cinnamon, a timeless fragrance associated with the fall season. It's spicy, sweet, and full of warmth, stimulating your senses and adding depth to the overall scent scape. 

Rounding off this exquisite aromatic journey are tonka beans. Their own unique, sweet and slightly fruity aroma lends a rich, creamy vanilla-like finish, making our Blazing Cinnamon fall candle a well-rounded sensory experience with intricate layers of scent.

This fall, warm your living space with the perfect company, our Blazing Cinnamon candle - a truly captivating infusion of luxurious comfort and enticing warmth, waiting to transform each moment into a cozy autumn memory.

Made with a natural coco-apricot wax blend, our candles are 100% phthalate-free and include a lead-free cotton wick. We use high-quality, clean fragrance oils and essential oils to ensure only the best quality candle.

Net Weight: 8 oz / 266 g

Candle Essence: A warm, captivating blend of Cinnamon and Tonka Spices that will elevate any setting.

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