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CREATIVITY - Reiki Infused Crystal Intention Candle

This candle is created to assist with feeling ungrounded or unstable, to connect with Earth energy.

FRAGRANCE citrus orange with hints of tangy spice, sweet florals, and a base of musk.

ORANGE CALCITE helps you mobilize your energies and resources for creativity. It is ideal for those who are looking for new and innovative strategies for dealing with long-standing problems or stalled projects. Orange Calcite gets the energy moving and encourages you to see old dilemma in new ways.

This candle can help with Sacral Chakra balancing.

Use this intention candle during meditation. 

SUGGESTED INVOCATION I vividly enjoy all dimensions of myself and my life and take pleasure in creating more.

When you first light the candle, please take some time to connect with it and focus on your vision.

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