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Oval Concrete Tray

Oval Concrete Tray

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Discover our multi-purpose Oval Concrete Tray, handcrafted with attention to detail and a dedication to craftsmanship. Each tray has been thoughtfully molded, delicately sanded, and sealed, exhibiting a beautiful minimalist aesthetic that will add a touch of elegance to any space.

Our flexible design allows you to use this tray in multiple ways, be it as a chic holder for all your bathroom essentials, showcasing your precious plants, or as a neat catch-all tray. Boasting functionality and beauty, you can place it anywhere - your kitchen, atop your bathroom vanity, decoring your dresser, or right by your bedside table.

Crafted not just with design but also practicality in mind, we added silicone pads to the tray's base. These pads ensure that wherever you place our product, your surfaces remain untarnished by scratches, keeping your home as pristine as ever. Experience the blend of form and function with our Oval Concrete Tray.

*Each tray is unique and may vary from the photos*

Dimensions: 7.15"x3.75"x0.58"

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