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Reiki Infused Protection Room Spray

Reiki Infused Protection Room Spray

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Introducing our Reiki Infused Protection Room Spray, a powerful shield for your personal sanctuary, infused with the protective energies of black tourmaline. This potent spray is crafted to provide an aromatic fortress, with a rich fragrance blend grounded in the earthy depths of sandalwood, the uplifting zest of bergamot, and the intoxicating complexities of patchouli.

Embrace a sacred atmosphere where every spritz whispers an affirmation: "Within and without, I banish all negative attachments; I am purified, grounded, and centered upon the Earth."

**Five Empowering Ways to Use the Protection Room Spray:**

1. **Sacred Space Shielding:** Enhance the peace and security of your spiritual space by spraying around the room before engaging in any meditative or healing practices. The black tourmaline essence helps create an energetic barrier against external disturbances.

2. **Home Cleansing Ritual:** As part of your regular home cleansing ritual, use the Protection Spray in each corner of your rooms, especially near entrances and windows. Its grounding aroma helps to clear stagnant energies, making way for positive vibrations.

3. **Mindful Transitions:** Spritz in your living space during times of transition or after an argument to help dissipate lingering negativity. The powerful blend assists in restoring balance, offering a sense of stability and calm resolve.

4. **Restful Repose:** Before bed, lightly mist around your bedroom, particularly around your bed and pillow, to encourage protective energies during rest. Sleep peacefully, knowing you are encompassed by the grounding and purifying properties of black tourmaline.

5. **Personal Energy Fortification:** Carry the Protection Spray with you and use it to mist around your aura when you need a quick energetic boundary. Before stepping into crowded or chaotic environments, allow the aroma to cloak you in a layer of safeguarding grace.

Our Reiki Infused Protection Room Spray is more than an aroma — it's an active guard and grounding force, promoting a sense of deep-rooted protection. Seek solace in its capacity to purify the atmosphere and anchor you securely to the nurturing Earth below. With each use, summon the strength to stand confidently amidst life's uncertainties, fortified and serene.

This spray may help with Root Chakra balancing.

Size 4oz/113g

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