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The Black Rose

The Black Rose

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The Black Rose candle scent is a captivating and mysterious fragrance. It combines the dark elegance of black roses with a blend of complementary notes. The scent features black roses, oud wood and dark musk accent. It creates an alluring and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for adding a touch of mystery to any space.

Net Weight 8oz/226g

Our captivating The Black Rose Candle is a seductive blend of Oud, Rose, and Dark Musk. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aromas that will ignite the flames of desire and create an ambiance of romance and sensuality. Let this enchanting combination transport you and your partner to a world of deep passion and unforgettable moments.

Oud: Experience the allure of Oud, a mystical and captivating scent that has been prized for centuries. Its rich and woody aroma creates an atmosphere of warmth and sensuality, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. Allow the deep and smoky notes of Oud to envelop your surroundings, setting the stage for an intimate and passionate experience.

Rose: Indulge in the timeless romance of Rose, the epitome of love and beauty. The delicate and intoxicating fragrance of roses fills the air with a sense of elegance and desire. Let the soft and velvety notes of roses create an atmosphere of tenderness and romance, enhancing your moments of connection and intimacy.

Dark Musk: Surrender to the seductive allure of Dark Musk, a scent that exudes sensuality and passion. The deep and mysterious aroma of musk adds a touch of intrigue and intensity to the ambiance, heightening the senses and creating an atmosphere of desire. Allow the captivating notes of Dark Musk to envelop you and your partner, intensifying the passion and intimacy between you.

Handcrafted with love and dedication, our Romance Candle is carefully made using premium ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and indulgent burn. Each candle is designed to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, perfect for igniting the spark of passion and creating unforgettable moments of connection.

Ignite the flames of desire and infuse your space with the captivating scents of Oud, Rose, and Dark Musk. Let The Black Rose Candle be the perfect companion to your intimate evenings, creating an ambiance of deep passion, sensuality, and romance.

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