Collection: Reiki Infused Room Sprays

Elevate and harmonize your living spaces with our collection of Reiki Infused Room Sprays. Each spray is attuned to the profound energies of the chakras, mirroring the aromatic essence of our Reiki Infused Crystal Intention candles. Each mist is designed not only to refresh your surroundings but also to infuse them with specific intentions, adding in your personal journey of balance and self-discovery. These room sprays are crafted for those who seek an immediate enhancement of their environment with the added benefit of spiritual intention. A quick mist of these sprays not only infuses the air with delightful fragrances but also aligns your space with your desired state of being. Transform your space and inspire your spirit with each spray, creating a sacred ambiance wherever you may be.
Reiki Infused Room Sprays
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